Flexible Deliveries

Here at Healthy World Organics we know from our own personal experience that everyone’s needs are different and always changing.  So instead of trying to fit everyone in the same “box”, we provide the ultimate flexibility.  You can get a delivery when YOU want one, as often as once per week but you are never obligated or on a schedule.  We want your deliveries to be a pleasure and convenience, not a source of stress or obligation.

Incredible Value

Let Healthy World Organics save you money and time by delivering your fresh produce and other groceries to your home or business.  We offer very competitive pricing as well as flexibility so you can get the most out of your grocery dollars.  Try our Healthy Family Bag for the best value and you will receive 25 to 30 pounds of fresh, certified organic fruit and vegetables for only $60!!   Now that’s an incredible value!

Who are we?

Healthy World Organics’ goal is to provide a variety of consistently high quality produce including fruits, vegetables and herbs for you, your family or even your business. Your satisfaction and health are the measure of our success. Here’s to a Healthy World!

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Customer Feedback

September 2012 I LOVED it! I was so hesitant to try one of these companies. I'd heard about for years, but I knew that wouldn't work for me with 2 young children. I cannot be tied to picking something up during certain times and lugging it all to my car with 2 kids in tow. I kept seeing your truck at a neighbor's house and finally got a chance to ask them about it. DELIVERY? That, was for me!!! (Read the rest on our testimonials page!) Thank You!
Cindy M.
December 2012 HiI just wanted to give you some feedback after enjoying my third order from you. Everything has been truly awesome! Corn, green beans, apples, oranges, etc.--I love everything! That was the biggest head of red leaf lettuce I have ever seen last week, and it was tender and fresh. I don't mind the bananas coming a little green as they ripened nicely. Deliveries have proven to be reliable and the delivery charge is reasonable. Thanks for the wonderful food!
Paula S.
December 2012 Hi Caroline, The delivery was awesome. I dove right in to the fruit and had a pear and an apple. I am so glad I found you. I'm looking forward to many future deliveries.

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